Book Tennis Court (Table View)

This example uses Variable Durations and Custom Pricing addons. You can select duration from regular duration up to 24 hours, with selections as you wish, e.g. 1/2/3/6/12 hours skipping 4, 5, etc. When client selects a new duration, price will automatically update based on unit price of the service. If you wish, it can also set to be independent of selected duration.

Also you can see a custom pricing example here: At weekend and weekday early hours, rates are discounted.

Booking Views can be inserted in Product Content or Product Short Description.

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Book Tennis Court


  • Weekends: $48/hour
  • Weekdays until 4pm: $54/hour
  • Weekdays 4pm to 12am: $60/hour
For how many hours will you book?
March 22, 2023
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